It is a story told through symbols of furniture and art, from those belonging to aristocratic families to those that have been in the salons of collectors from around the world: Gotha is art collecting in its highest sense, work presented in its grandeur, in its magnificence.

Numerous initiatives will animate this edition, like special thematic exhibitions and conversations on the art world by academics, collectors, museum curators and qualified personalities.


Gotha is the international exhibition of high-end antiques, with select exhibitors who display works of exceptional quality.

Exhibiting at Gotha means being part of a unique and exclusive showcase that captures the attention of a highly-profiled target audience.

Together with companies and industry stakeholders, Gotha has undertaken collaborations, partnerships and co-marketing initiatives that enrich the event with services and activities to make Gotha a vital meeting point in the luxury antiques sector.

The 14th edition of the event has a clear direction: to bring to the attention of the public prestigious pieces not just from the periods usually presented at this exhibition, but also from years closer to our time.  Photography, sculpture, video art, and installations are all elements being offered by internationally-renowned galleries and that Gotha intends to explore so that it may be considered by all to be the most comprehensive Italian exhibition in this sector.


Gotha is a unique opportunity to view works of great prestige, high-quality antique pieces and major works within the contemporary sphere: an authentic gallery of the most important aesthetic experiences through history.

The event is rounded off by Parma itself: the capital of the Food Valley, a place of great charm in which Verdi’s musical tradition and the culture of good food blend to create an exceptional combination for enthusiasts and interested visitors.

From antiques to photography, from music to tastings, Gotha is a complete experience in a world of unique discoveries and sensations.

How to get there

Fiere di Parma – Viale delle Esposizioni 393, Parma (Italy)

Hall 3, access through SOUTH entrance – Hall 4

From the Parma Centro exit on the A1 motorway, Fiere di Parma is reached in less than 5 minutes thanks to the new slip road that connects it directly with the toll booth. Milan, Bologna and Verona are about one hour's drive away. Florence, Padua, Turin and Genoa are just a little further away. The Parma ring road takes you quickly to any part of the city. The Parma exhibition centre can be reached quickly from the spa towns of Salsomaggiore and Tabiano.

Parma's train station is located along the major Milan-Rome route and between the railway interchanges that connect the whole of Northern Italy.
The Exhibition is a 10-minute bus ride away, thanks to a shuttle bus service that during the events connects Fiere di Parma with the city centre and the Parma railway station.

The Milan Linate (120km) and Bologna Marconi (90km) airports are easily reached in less than an hour from the Parma exhibition centre. Milan Malpensa and the Verona Airport are just a little further away. Parma's "Giuseppe Verdi" airport is next to the exhibition centre and offers connections to different national airports.

The bus service is only available during the exhibition. The ticket, which costs the same as a regular city ride, can be purchased at newsstands, tobacconists, or on the bus upon payment of a surcharge.
The Exhibition Centre stop is located near the roundabout next to the South (former central) entrance.


Sales Manager:
Cristina Giuffredi
c.giuffredi@fiereparma.it Organization Office:
Sabrina Campi
s.campi@fiereparma.it Project Approval:
Federico Pirotti

Marketing Manager:
Ilaria Dazzi
i.dazzi@fiereparma.it Administration:
Eleonora Torelli
e.torelli@fiereparma.it Exhibitors' Technical Office: